How your Wedding helps wildlife.

The wedding venue provides funds for nature conservation work on the farm and by holding your wedding here you are helping support and sustain rare (and often declining) wildlife.

There are three County Wildlife Sites on the farm, including ancient woodland, marsh and areas important for moths and butterflies. We manage land to benefit wildlife and have created a mosaic of woods, hedges and flower rich meadows. We aim to boost insect numbers which in turns benefits birds and bats. Hedges are laid, woods are thinned and fields grazed in a manner sympathetic to butterflies by our small herd of Ruby Red cattle.

Nature has responded to our efforts and we have a very wide range of wildlife from dormice to orchids and in mid summer there are thousands of butterflies on the wing. We are very lucky to have a maternity roost of Barbastelle bats, often described as “one of Europes rarest mammals” which has a very small population (c 5,000 in the UK) and which is in decline across Europe.  In 2021 we identified a 144 acre block of land around the roost  which is being managed to try and protect and support the Barbastelle colony.


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